Leadership Hiring

More than 40% of New Leadership hires will fail in the first 18 months. A quarter of the remaining in the next one year. More than 30% will land up just maintaining the status quo of the organizational position in the market place. No real growth will happen.

ONLY 30% of new leadership hires will, in actual terms, SUCCEED. Why?

Why is the failure rate so high?  The 3 top reasons for a new hire failure at the executive level are ….

33% – Failure to establish key relationships and partnerships

31% – Failure to align with the organization’s Culture

22% – Failure due to ineffective People management / Team Building

What is more interesting is the fact that the top 3 factors are all “Capability Based” and not “Skilled Based” attributes. This gains a huge significance in Leadership Hiring, since most of our recruiters and management are more prone to Skill based assessment and interviewing skills.

That’s where we come in.

All of us at Simply U focus not just on skills and cultural fit that are easily identified but also on attributes that are difficult to measure or even identify like “network fitment” but which play the most important roles in the success probability of a new hire.

At Simply U,  we are trained to avoid the following Leadership Hiring mistakes.

Background is more important than Behavior

Focusing on Industry Experience over Innate Ability

Hiring a Little Fish from a Big Pond

Our Success over the last few decades, globally, has been our ability to understand what is and what can be. We always –

  1. Evaluate the candidate as well as the credentials
  2. Steel ourselves  against the Seduction of “Star” Quality
  3. Draw significant comparisons between our client culture and cultures of organizations the candidate has worked in
  4. Rely on more than personal attraction
  5. Use Behavioral Interviewing
  6. Choose the Raw Talent Over the Resume

Our Leadership Hiring practice is geared to work with you, for you to ensure your organizational aspirations are met. We can work with you in the following manner

  1. Leadership Hiring Mandate

You give us the mandate. We give you our recommendations of the best available candidates. We charge a “Search Fee” for the same

  1. Leadership Interviewing

You have an internal team working on your requirements. In one of the interviews, our experts join as part of the interviewing panel. We then together select the best fit. A “Fee” is charged for our services.  This service could be availed per instance, per position or even on a retainer basis where we become a part of all interviewing activities for a fixed period for all positions above a certain grade.

  1. Leadership Hiring Team Training

We could train you own internal teams (includes the recruiters, managers and management) on effective interviewing and assessment skills. The training would be workshop and live interview based. RECOMMENDED if you are a growing organization and are recruiting aggressively for new talents.