We understand People

At Simply U, We know it will always be about people.  We understand how a group of Individuals working together can create amazing transformations. We also understand how one single individual can undo some great work already done by a group of individuals.

“When Organizations Learn, Individuals Perform: When Individuals Learn, Organizations perform: but it only when a “Group of Individuals” learn together, Organizations Achieve!”


That is why we specialize in learning, behavior change and above all managing expectations - all crucial components of a coherent Success strategy. In an organizational canvas, Getting, growing and keeping talent demands a holistic approach with leadership development and management development running right through the middle of them all.

From our own experience with dozens of leading global organizations, we understand that talent is only one variable in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating landscape but it is the Most Crucial. That is the reason why understanding of “Human Dynamics” form an important part of any success strategy.

“In the battlefield of the human mind, self-limiting beliefs always defeat the adoption of new skills…  Exactly how Culture always defeats strategy in an organization.”

In the solutions we offer, we help knit together the many strands of Talent Life Cycle - from Acquisition to Management and Retention.  In the process, we cater to change management, team development, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development and organizational Development thereby building and cultivating leadership capital.

“Underneath every NEED lies a highly seductive WANT…  We strive to ACHIEVE the Want rather than FULFILL the Need”

We also address the Intrinsic issues of purpose and ethos that when resolved, make you an “EMPLOYER OF CHOICE” that deserves the commitment of the best talent available.



  Think talent first. Whether you're looking for on-demand LEADERSHIP HIRING, help in creating a RECRUITING STRATEGY, or need assistance building INTERNAL RECRUITING CAPABILITIES, we can provide the tools, processes, expertise  and guidance required.

Mentoring / Coaching / Training

No Body's Perfect... But Success at various levels in life require different set of skills, capabilities and approach. That's where we come in. We have the expertise, know how and tools to help you equip yourself with the right skills and capabilities to succeed in both your Professional and Personal lives.


A view from the outside helps... The processes exist but not delivering or a new system has to be put in place.  Be it in Employee Engagement, HR processes, Performance Management, Succession Planning , Relationships or even a simple Brain Storming  whatever the scenario, we can help.

Our Service Categories

Individual Influencers

It will always be about you… YOU as an Individual will need to first Understand, Learn, Develop and Manage yourself before you go on to manage others including your family. If you cannot manage yourself, can you ever manage others? This is a fundamental question that needs to be behind every initiative that YOU as an individual take to improve your life. Individual Influencers are capability initiators that greatly influence the direction your life is heading and the quality of that life.

Corporate Enhancers

We understand that professionals should have an advantage, a competitive edge and to achieve that  an employee should be engaged in their organization’s missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and have the skills needed to drive performance. That is exactly what Corporate Enhancers are meant to do i.e. Create engaged,  high performing, motivated employees ready to take the leap of faith into a Leadership role. In Short, Corporate Enhancers attempts to bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by the corporate

Life Uplifters

The demands of modern life often leave people feeling dragged out and inadequate. These demands don’t disappear once met. They reappear again in different Avatars. Learning to balance life to meet these demands and expectations are critical aspects of a happy life. Life Uplifters are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Service Offerings